Refereed Journals and Articles


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Title: El populismo en tiempos del coronavirus: democracia en retroceso y consolidación autoritaria en Latinoamérica Publisher: Demo Amlat REVISTA #DDA 16. JULIO 2020

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Work in progress

Title: (2020) The Latin American vote in the United States: elections as a means for political assimilation.

Title: (2020) Sharp Power and Latin American diasporas in the United States: a look at Cuban and Venezuelan exiles confronting political harassment abroad.

Title: (2019) Democracy decline in Latin America: from promotion to stagnation. How the weakening of democracy building efforts has thwarted consolidation in the region.

Title: (2019) Colombia at a crossroads: How the Venezuelan crisis is defining its politics. Co-author: Omar Ocampo.

Title: (2018) Democracy decline, multiculturalism and global immigration crisis: challenges of the post-democratic age.