Universidad de Carabobo

  • Graduate Teaching

Governance and Democracy

Understand and operationalize the concept of democratic governability, link it with economic and social development as well as decentralization and monitor its evolution.

Research Seminar I

Provide the basic principles of research methods applied to political science, developing a research project from the initial phase of topic selection, objectives definition, literature framework, methodological design and field work strategy.

  • Undergraduate Teaching 

Public Administration

This is a core course aiming at providing an overlook of the State and its bureaucratic apparatus, characterizing the political system and the administrative procedures, along with the efforts on State reform conducted.

Local Government

This elective course develops a comprehensive review of the local government structure, legal organization, and democratic participation at a local level.

Public Policy

This elective course is designed to identify the phases of the public policy process, emphasizing on the objectives, and the final outcome as an important product of the political system.

Negotiation Techniques

This elective course is an overview of the schools of negotiation, styles, and the process of a negotiation, highlighting the negotiation in the public process.

Venezuelan Political System

Historical principles of the Venezuelan political system, background and shortcomings.